We make every patient feel special

We provide patients with treatment which is comfortable both financially and physically.

We know our patients do not judge our clinical skills and get excited about how fantastic the final x-ray looked ...but judge us on how they felt they are being cared for from the beginning of their first contact with Endo Elements to the end of their return visit. 

We carefully take the time to get to know patients individually while in our care

We carefully take the time to learn patients' unique needs to make the appointments relaxing and comfortable. Many patients have not spent much time at a specialist endodontic practice and may feel uneasy.  We go out of our way to ensure our practice feels like an extension of your general dental practice. Every one of our team members feel the same way. We take pride in providing the best possible care. This means the patient will go back to your practice and share that information. 

JonATHAN Lee talks about how he likes to go the extra mile for every patient

Your Relationship

means everything


If your patients are in pain, we will ensure we see them as a priority. One of the main benefits of referring patients to us is that we can arrange a time at which is best for them so procedures can be carried out quickly and at the convenience to your patients. We go out of our way to meet the patient's needs - particularly for patients who are experiencing dental pain.

Our referral service works much better when both our practices are aligned. We ensure that our team are very much acquainted with you so we can provide excellent, ongoing communication.

Reports concerning your patient's diagnosis and treatments are sent to you and your patient with further information on prognosis /recommendations stated depending on client cases.

Delivering high quality care


"Being outstanding at what we do is just one aspect of high quality care. We ensure every patient is well cared for. We treat each patient with respect and kindness; taking time to answer questions and checking up on them after treatment.

But don't just take my word for it.....

Today is the second time I’ve visited Jonathan for treatment and on both occasions has made me feel very welcome and comfortable. I even fell asleep during the re-root canal treatment I was so relaxed! I would recommend him to my family and friends.
— Ms HG - Referred patient from Chipstead, Surrey

Prompt understandable reports


"We offer continuous information so you are fully informed throughout all treatment and, in the rare occurrence where the scope of work changes you will be consulted immediately."  

But don't take my word for it ...

Every patient that is referred to Jonathan are always highly complementary of his professionalism and warmth that he shows them. I am pleased with the prompt and comprehensive communications I receive. I couldn’t wish for more.
— JD - Dentist Leatherhead

Good Communication

"I continually make it a priority to speak to every dentist in person in person or via email throughout the day and evening and my team are trained to be respond and courteous to patient manner."

But don't take our word for it...

My referred patient over the moon with the treatment she received from Jonathan - I have no hesitation but to recommend Jon highly. The communication is comprehensive and prompt and I also have the pleasure of receiving a full report once the patient has been discharged from his services.
— Ope Sodeinde - London

A Helping hand with fees


"A root canal treatment can be an unplanned expense – we like to give patients a number of clear options which can help spread the cost of treatment with monthly instalments at 0% finance, giving them the highest level of clinical expertise which is affordable."

But don't take our word for it...

I didn’t think I could afford the fees and dreaded having the money discussion, but Jonathan was so generous and sympathetic, he provided me with staged approach which meant I could afford to have the treatment and save my tooth. I can honestly say the experience with Jon and his assistant was the most straightforward and relaxing experience I have ever received in a dental practice.
— Anon
I am totally confident that I am passing my patients onto someone who has the skills, knowledge & expertise to achieve the best outcome. Jonathan treats his patients with care & sensitivity and the quality of his treatment has always been superb. I continue to be impressed by the excellent results he achieves from some of the most challenging & complex cases.

Dr D Graham - Dentist Leatherhead, Surrey