Endodontic Life Skills Day

Join us for this practical day, where you can develop new skills in endodontics

Diagnosis -
-Hands on rubber dam technique
-The Why factor – why do we do what we do for endo to work
-Access and canal location
-Canal preparation – glide path, single file systems, reciprocating, rotary
-Obturation and restoration of the endodontically treated tooth
-Practical sessions on extracted teeth / Endo Reality 3D printed teeth
-Complex case management and common endodontic complications
-Case discussion participants can bring cases to discuss management

Jonathan will immerse you in best practice methodologies, teach you specialist techniques and  discuss latest concepts and techniques, providing predictable cutting edge modern endo solutions. 

Jonathan has a unique style of teaching

Jonathan Lee is a specialist endodontist in private practice and also a specialty dentist/ honourary lecturer at King’s College London. He is recognised for his relaxed, warm and enthusiastic approach to teaching.  His method is thorough, exact and highly effective.

This guy is a legend! - Hatem Algraffee

He is very approachable - Nothing is too much trouble - Contagious enthusiasm which will have you engaged you all day!

Full days course

If you are struggling with your endo technique or simply are looking for some everyday time-saving tips on root canal treatment then Endo Life Hacks full days course is for you...You'll receive some amazing useful tips and brilliant time-saving techniques which guarantee to help you immediately improve your endo skills in your daily practice. But dont take our word for it ….’


Having arrived home from todays course I wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your team for hosting such a well organised and informative event.

I have listened to many endodontists over the years and I have been inspired and amazed by the complex cases they have presented with amazing results. However, I am left wondering how any of my endo cases ever work and should I really be dabbling in this and almost dreading my next RCT.

I have come away from this day excited and reassured. A lot of your protocol I follow on a day to basis for my root treatments but I feel that I have come away with a few nuggets of information, lots of handy tips and tricks (and perhaps one to two things to add to my shopping list)

I am on the verge of saying that I’m looking forward to my next RCT... but if I get stuck then I shall know where to come.
— CM - Dentist Surrey